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The OEC Elite CMOS flat detector technology is designed to improve your premium C-arm experience enabling you to:

  • Experience stunning image quality at low dose
  • See more detail and anatomy*, regardless of patient density
  • Operate with greater ease and efficiency in your surgical team

With advanced technology, intelligent workflow, dose control, and an independent workstation, the OEC Elite CFD is the future of mobile surgical imaging.

This system is ideally suited for a range of surgical needs including orthopedics, gastrointestinal, endoscopic, urologic, neurologic, critical care, pain management and emergency procedures.



See What You Need to See

  • A more efficient panel that delivers better image quality at low dose.
  • True continuous fluoroscopy allows you to view more detail—no stutter, visual lag, or ghosting
  • Greater Field of View (FOV)*—see 20% more anatomy during your procedures

Ease and Efficiency

  • Improve turnover efficiency in your OR with an independent workstation that can be used outside of the operating bloc
  • Simplify your workflow with an intuitive user interface that allows you to make fewer clicks and access enhanced images and dose control parameters
  • Capture difficult, optimal angle views with fewer positioning adjustments with Elite’s positioning capabilities and c-arm over scan range
  • Move the system more easily with improved steering capabilities* and a light weight system

Intelligent Dose Control

  • OEC Elite CFD is the first premium mobile C-arm to deliver on the promise of Flat Detector technology—achieving high IQ at a low dose
  • Optimize dose and image quality by selecting one of five modes of dose control: Digital Spot, High Level Fluoroscopy, Standard Fluoroscopy, Low Dose, Pulse
  • Removable anti-scatter grid to minimize dose for children



High-efficiency CMOS flat detector (CFD)

  • Elite’s exclusive CFD technology processes every pixel signal without binning, providing full resolution at full frame rate
  • Full 1.5 k x 1.5 k x 16 Bit Image Processing at 30 fps
  • Superior electron mobility improves clarity by eliminating visible lag

See what you need to see

  • Large field of view with 21 cm x 21 cm and 31 cm x 31 cm CFD options
  • Integrated laser aimer to help you accurately position the detector over the anatomy of interest

Ease and efficiency

  • Disconnect and re-connect the C-arm without rebooting with SmartConnect
  • Elite’s Super C design offers 55 degrees of overscan, making it easier to position for the oblique spine angle views needed for procedures such as placing pedicle screws

Product not available for sale in the United States. Availability of select models and configurations varies by country. Please contact your local sales representative.

*Based on other OEC models



the technical datasheet for more information.



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