Brumaba OR-Table Mod. Varius

Electrical universal OR-Table suitable for almost every discipline

  • Massive stainless steel construction
  • Dual telescope column 620 to 1.050 mm
  • Airplane-Function
  • remote controle and food control
  • Memory-Function with 8 programs
  •  divided leg plate
  •  length adjustable back plate
  • X-Ray transluscent
  • 300 kg max. patient weight
  •  axiale tilt -17° to +17°

    Incl. accessories stand on wheels with arm holders (2x ), Gyn. leg holders (2x), head callot (3x ), stomach bedding cushions, side holder, anaesthesia bow, Infusions stand, hand OR-Table, 2x Akkumulator and Akkumulator-Charger


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