Refurbishment Process

Who ever decides to purchase refurbished medical equipment, shouldn´t have to cut back on the quality, the optical appearance or the life expectancy of the product. Therefore, our 4 Step Refurbishment Process involves much more than just a simple optical refurbishment. From the day of the product purchase, we take care that every single product meets our high expectations. And since we want to satisfy our customers expectations as well, every product we offer has to pass through the following refurbishment process in order to enter our stock:

Step 1 – Selection

  • Complete technical check up prior to every purchase
  • Inspection of the compliance of service intervals
  • Examination of maintenance protocols
  • Securing and evalluating the availability of spare parts

Step 2 – Optical Refurbishment

  • Reconditioning or replacement of all defective or damaged components
  • Professional cleaning and pre-disinfection
  • Professional painting in original colours from the manufacturer
  • Final inspection

Step 3 – Technical Refurbishment

  • Replacement of all technical defective components
  • Check up of all mechanical parts
  • Replacement of susceptible parts, to avoid possible defects in the future
  • Software Update and installation of Service-Kits
  • Final inspection including protocol and certificate of the german technical control board

Step 4 – Installation and Shipping

  • National and international shipping
  • Professional packing
  • Wooden crating can also be provided
  • Installation and Training by certified medical technicians