Refurbishment process

Anyone who decides to buy a used medical device should not have to make any concessions with regard to the quality external appearance and service life of the respective device. Therefore our refurbishment process involves much more than the simple and superficial refurbishment of used medical equipment. Right from the start we make sure that all our products meet our high standards. Each article undergoes the following reconditioning process in order to provide you with a visually and technically perfect device.

  • Complete technical inspection before purchase
  • Verification of compliance with all service intervals
  • Checking the maintenance reports
  • Ensuring the availability of spare parts within the scope of our support
  • Refurbishment or replacement of all damaged external components
  • Professional cleaning
  • Painting of the devices in original RAL colours of the respective manufacturer
  • Final acceptance of the optical refurbishment
  • Technical verification
  • Exchange and reconditioning of all defective technical components
  • Control of all susceptible mechanical components
  • Software updates and installation of service kits
  • Final acceptance including test report and possibly necessary STK
  • National and international shipping
  • Delivery by our service technicians at home or by forwarding agent abroad
  • Professional packaging
  • Shipment also in wooden crates upon customer request
  • Installation and instruction are carried out by our trained medical technicians or service technicians of the respective manufacturers

TÜV approval / STK

In order to guarantee our customers a high degree of safety and reliability, all devices offered by us are carefully checked by our trained medical technicians. All items requiring additional TÜV approval or STK testing are only delivered with the appropriate sticker or test report.


Due to the cost pressure to which hospitals medical practices and clinics are exposed nowadays, the use of our refurbished used medical equipment is an effective means of reducing costs and maintaining liquidity without having to make any concessions in terms of the quality and visual impression of the equipment. As each item is completely reworked technically and optically by our trained and experienced medical technicians, you will only receive absolutely flawless equipment from Koch Medical.


As part of our equipment selection we check the respective maintenance and service reports. We carry out technical inspections and examine the history of the equipment. Therefore we are able to offer you a 1 year warranty on all our products. If you know exactly where each individual device comes from and how intensively it has been used you can also offer your customers a high degree of safety and reliability.

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